When your home’s water pipes are quiet and work normally, you probably don’t think about them. As long as the water drains from the sink and the toilet flushes without spilling onto the floor, it’s fine. Right? What if, while everything appears to be working perfectly, you start hearing unusual noises coming from your sink drain and behind the walls whenever you use water or turn off your faucets? Such strange noise is a solid indication that you should contact your repiping service Lincoln to prevent it from turning terrible over time.


The noises emanating from the pipes are sometimes caused by high water pressure. Still, they might also signify major plumbing concerns. Our Sacramento Repipe & Plumbing team wants to educate you on such issues because they can soon threaten your entire plumbing system as well as your house. Here, we’ll explain what’s causing that awful noise in your water pipes and offer some solutions to solve it.

  • Pipe Banging or Hammering Noises

Water hammer may appear to be a catch-all term for any form of pipe noise. Still, it is actually a specific noise and a specific type of plumbing problem. Water hammers are a very common form of noisy pipe problem, and while they are frightening to hear, they are also one of the simplest plumbing problems to remedy. When the water is first shut off, the tremendous pressure inside the pipes causes the water to hunt for a place to go, resulting in a hammering sound. As a result, the water bangs against the pipe walls or the shut-off valve in its search for a way out.

You must reset the water system’s air chamber to resolve this issue. This is accomplished by turning off the main water supply to the house and opening all of the taps to empty and drain the pipes. When doing this yourself, don’t forget to turn on the faucets in your basement, laundry room, and outside. After you’ve finished this, you can turn the water back on, and your spooky problem should be gone.

  • High-Pitched Whining Pipe Noise

Every home has a comprehensive pipe system of valves and other elements that rely on a plethora of tiny pieces and parts to function properly. Washers, nuts, and bolts (among other things) can become loose or wear out over time, resulting in high-pitched whining sounds. 

This whistling sound is usually the result of a worn-out piece of hardware near a dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer. Appliances like washers and other hardware that move a lot can wear out nuts and bolts in these places, making them more vulnerable to loose washers or other hardware. If this happens in your home, simply call a repiping service Lincoln to tighten or replace the essential hardware, and it should be fixed in no time.

  • Humming Noise

It is possible for the pipes to vibrate when the water pressure is too high for the system to handle. Humming sounds may be heard due to this vibration, which is more noticeable when the water is still running. Well-watered homes are more likely to experience high water pressure than those that use municipal water. Check the pressure in the storage tank if you utilize well water in your home. It should not be adjusted to more than 55 pounds per square inch.

If you don’t have access to reading your tank’s water pressure, it’s best to call in an expert. We have professionals at Sacramento Repipe & Plumbing that can assess your water pressure and make modifications to remove humming issues.

  • Gurgling or Glugging Noise

When your pipes are having trouble draining, they may make a gurgling or glugging sound. When you hear this noise, it’s a sign that something is blocking the pipes. An object that was flushed down the drain, soap scum or other debris, or mineral and hard water deposits on the pipe walls may be the cause of this obstruction. Most gurgling noises can be alleviated with professional drain cleaning, which removes obstructions from pipes.

How to Fix Loud Water Pipe Noises

There are plenty of causes of noisy water pipes, but these are the most prevalent. If you detect any of these sounds in your premises, contact a competent plumber or repiping service Lincoln right once.

We at Sacramento Repipe & Plumbing have years of expertise helping families, and homeowners overcome severe plumbing issues. If you live in Sacramento, CA, or the surrounding areas, there is no need to search farther for a plumber. Our service is locally-owned, reliable, and available 24/7. Contact us today to silence unwanted noises at all hours of the day and night. 

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