Most of the time, trees improve the appearance of a home’s landscape. That lovely tree or graceful bush in your yard could initially seem blameless. Still, it might secretly perpetrate an underground battle against the plumbing or structure of your house. Many popularly planted trees around homes eventually develop roots that directly impact the plumbing or structural cracks of the building. 

These trees could be why you have more plumbing work than usual; continue reading to learn more!

How Do The Trees Damage The Pipes?

The nearest source of water for some trees, which need a lot of moisture and water to survive, is typically the water in a house’s sewer system or pipes.

A tree needs much space to grow both upward and outward. The required room necessary for the tree’s root system to spread out is two things many homeowners overlook when planning their landscaping. If anything stands in the way, such as pipes, sewage systems, or building foundations, the roots will grow around and into them.

The following trees frequently harm sewage pipes:

Citrus Trees

Citrus Tree

Citrus trees produce a variety of delicious fruits, but they can also seriously harm a house’s plumbing and sewage system. The invasive citrus tree roots can grow and spread once they get inside the piping, damaging the nearby pipes and the structure as they do so.

Willow Trees

Willow Tree

It may be tempting to plant willows, a group of stunning, large trees that come in a variety from black willows to weeping willows. Their roots can seriously harm a home’s plumbing and structural integrity. Up to 40 meters wide, willow tree roots commonly spread, causing chaos on roads, drains, and sidewalks. Although they are beautiful in the spring, they are not the best choice for your home due to their aggressive roots.

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia Tree

The scent of magnolia blossoms is well known to anyone knowledgeable about gardening and landscaping. Unfortunately, rather than growing deeper into the ground, the root systems of magnolia trees frequently grow along the Earth’s surface. These trees can easily harm the plumbing and structural integrity of the nearby home due to the flexibility of their rope-like roots and shallow surface growth. The flexible roots will penetrate the pipes through cracks and leaks in their search for the nearest water source.

Oak Trees

Oak Tree

The oak tree species produces some of the tallest and sturdiest trees in the world. Despite their slow growth, oak tree roots can silently cause damage to a house’s plumbing and structural integrity. Extra roots will develop laterally from the tree when it gets older. These roots are what interfere with plumbing and sewer systems. They commonly extend up to 100 yards from the oak tree’s base. These roots will move and push into plumbing system cracks as they spread, harming the sewer and plumbing lines and clogging them. 

If these trees are in your yard close to your house, think about getting rid of them immediately. You can swap it out with ones that won’t damage the pipes or structure of your home.

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