Even the safest and longest-lasting pipe systems will eventually break, and there’s no such thing as unbreakable plumbing equipment. The plumbing pipes in your home should withstand between 80 and 100 years on average.

If your house’s pipes are severely damaged, a simple repair may not always be enough to stop a leak. A moderate to severe pipe leak may frequently only be fixed by repiping a home.

One of the most often questions that we get asked is, “How much would it cost to repipe a house?”

How Much Would It Cost With Copper?

Copper Pipe

Copper is the most costly piping material available today, with pricing for repiping a house ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 copper pipes. 

Copper pipe may last a long time, but the material itself is somewhat stiff, which drives up the cost. In order to install the plumbing, the wall must first be demolished, and the process takes roughly twice as long as installing PEX piping

Copper may cost up to $4 per foot. In contrast, PEX, an alternate choice, can give the same benefits as copper at a substantially lower price. 

What’s The Average Price To Repipe A House Using PEX Pipe?


PEX pipe is far more cost-effective than copper pipe, with prices ranging from $0.50 to $2 per foot. 

This reduces the average cost of plumbing a house per square foot compared to utilizing copper pipes. It may range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to approximately 15 thousand dollars for a complete installation.

What Should I Expect To Pay In Repiping With CPVC?


Regarding pipeline materials, CPVC pipe is also a cost-effective option, making it an excellent choice for homeowners on a tight budget. The maximum price of PEX pipes is $2 per foot, whereas the average cost of CPVC is only $1 per foot.

CPVC pipe, in contrast to PEX, is a rigid material that is easy to measure and cut. It’s also adaptable to a various variety of uses, from massive municipal pipelines to more small domestic plumbing systems serving individual fixtures.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Price?


The material that is used to replace a home’s water pipes. The costs of replacing the plumbing in an old house can depend greatly on the material you choose for the new pipes. Plastics are often cheaper than copper, but you also have to consider how long each type of pipe will last.

Building Size

Fixing a bigger house with more pipes to replace will cost more than repairing a smaller home with a lesser system. So, prices can be given as the “cost of plumbing a house per sq foot.”


There are many ways to fix or replace water pipes in a home. To replace mains, it takes a lot of time and money to remove and replace pipes by hand and dig deep trenches. However, trenchless technology can help speed up the process and lower total costs.

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