If your drain is moving slowly or there is a clog in your pipes that won’t budge, you usually go for a drain cleaner without giving much thought to the kind of pipes in your house. However, some drain cleaners are more effective than others on various materials. Popular PVC pipes, in particular, demand special attention. Because PVC pipes have smooth walls that don’t allow debris to cling, they are an improvement over cast-iron pipes. 

If you have to clear a blocked drain deep in the pipe, you can typically accomplish so with a plunger or drain snake. These mechanical drain cleaning methods are safer than chemicals for several reasons. Still, one of the most important is that chemical drain cleaners can generate enough heat to melt PVC. There are some other reasons why mechanical drain cleaning methods are safer than using chemicals.

Let’s tell you what drain cleaner is recommended for  PVC Pipes. 

Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener

  • Won’t lead to rust. 
  • Natural and safe for plumbing
  • Devours paper

Flo-Kem 5195 Flo-Zyme Commercial Bio-Enzyme Drain Opener

  • All-natural bacteria 
  • Use-friendly 
  • Industrial grade

DrainScrub Powder Enzyme Drain Cleaner

  • Organic and safe to use in pipes 
  • For clogs that are moderate
  • Guaranteed to make you happy

Important Factors to Consider

However, it has the drawback of being easily corrosive, which means that if you have used PVC in your pipes, your options for a good quality drain cleaner are limited to products that will not react with the PVC and cause it to wear out quickly. If you have used PVC in your pipes, your choice of a good quality drain cleaner is limited to products that will not react with the PVC and cause it to wear out quickly. When it comes to selecting a drain cleaner for your blocked drains made of this material, you need to take into consideration the following factors: 

Choose a non-corrosive drain cleaner.

This is a critical consideration because if you select a highly corrosive product, it has a high probability of reacting with the PVC piping and causing it to tear, resulting in water dripping, which is an entirely different mess. 

Pick a drain cleaner that won’t harm the surrounding ecosystem.

The items that are not harmful to the environment are often less acidic or chemicalized than other products, and as a result, they do not cause the pipes to deteriorate after they have been used. These are goods that, even after they have been used, do not become hazardous to the surrounding ecosystem in any way. 

Choose a drain cleaner that is manufactured from natural components.

There are still some effective drain cleaners that are made entirely from natural sources. They are superior to other options since they do not pose any health risks to anybody using them or the pipes themselves. 

Select a drain cleaner that is alkaline rather than acidic.

The most effective drain cleaning is one that is not acidic. Due to the absence of an acid, it may react with the PVC found in the pipes and cause them to get damaged.

The list we gave you is very safe, and any items on it can be used on your PVC pipes without causing any harm. If you have any questions, give our experts at Sacramento Repipe & Plumbing a call.

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