It’s inevitable that your home will have some plumbing problem at some point, whether it be a clogged toilet or sink, a busted pipe, or something else. It can save you money on plumbing services if you understand how to prevent making the kinds of mistakes that are detrimental to your plumbing system. The following are five tips to help you avoid plumbing emergencies:

1.Watch What You Dump Down the Drain

If your kitchen or bathroom sink, bathtub, or shower drain does not have a bin, you should dispose of food scraps, grease, hair, wipes, etc., in a trash can rather than down the drain. A slow but steady buildup of debris can cause unpleasant obstructions. 

Your home’s drains are not garbage cans or a dumping ground for unwanted items. A clogged drain can cause plumbing emergencies in minutes. There’s simply no benefit to waiting for a clog, as that would necessitate finding an immediate plumbing company.

2.Don’t Ignore Small Leaks 

A small leak will typically grow into a large leak. Taking care of it as soon as possible is the best preventative maintenance you can do for your plumbing. Ignoring your leak will not only raise your water bill or deplete your well’s reserves but also put unnecessary strain on your plumbing system. If you can’t locate the source of a leak, contact a professional immediately.

3.Avoid Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners 

Drain cleaners purchased in stores must be avoided whenever possible due to harmful chemicals. Although these products may remove stains from the toilet bowl, they also damage the pipes in your plumbing system. To avoid the typical plumbing disaster, try using DIY cleaning solutions instead. 

4.Protect Your Pipes

The harshness of winter can sometimes take its toll on the pipes in the plumbing system. The water that is contained within these pipes freezes, which disrupts the activities that take place in the household. When the temperature drops below zero, protect the pipes from harm by insulating them and ensuring that cold water runs through them. When temperatures drop, run water through your pipes regularly to prevent them from freezing. Leave cabinet doors under your sinks open so that some heat can get in there, too—this is an effective way of preventing frozen pipes. If you have an outdoor water spigot, drain and shut it off each fall—or better yet, install a frost-proof outdoor faucet unit.

5.Schedule Regular Inspections

A yearly inspection of your plumbing system is recommended. This is because, like the rest of your home’s systems, your plumbing will eventually fail if you don’t maintain it well. Minor issues can be caught during routine checks and fixed before they spiral out of control and cost a fortune. Get in touch with experts that are familiar with your plumbing system and can assist in keeping it in top shape.

At Sacramento Repipe & Plumbing, we offer comprehensive plumbing services to help you keep your system in good condition. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to assist you with any emergency that might arise. We can also schedule regular inspections to identify issues before they become major problems.


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