Rusty, brown water flowing from your faucets or shower is one of the most shocking sights a homeowner may encounter. Imagine stepping out of the shower and waking up to see foggy, discolored water streaming over your body. In addition to being a typical nightmare, many people have experienced this regularly. Rust may be to blame if the color of your water is discolored. Identifying the problem with your water will help you determine if it’s time to bring in a professional plumber in Folsom, CA or if you can solve the problem yourself. We’ve put up a list of things you can take to help remedy the situation.

Check Your Neighbor’s Water

Start by contacting your neighbors and asking whether or not they’re having the same issue. If they are, then there could be an issue with the public water supply, and you’ll have to call your local municipality to investigate. If they’re not experiencing any issues with their water, then it’s time to move on to our next step.

Isolate Your Home’s Taps

Next, isolate all of the taps in your home and run each one individually. This way, you can identify which ones produce rust-colored water and which ones are safe to use. The most common culprits for rusty water are taps that haven’t been used in a long time. However, if many of them seem to be affected, then there may be a more serious issue at hand.

Inspect Your Water Filters

Check for dirt or rust build-up inside your whole house or kitchen faucet filtration systems. Changing these filters regularly keeps your water clean and clear. It can remove impurities like chlorine and other chemicals common in city water systems, as well as minerals like iron and copper that produce rust stains.

Examine Your Water Heater

If the tank is corroding, it will rust and leave sediment in the water supply. This isn’t good for your body, and it can cause your appliances to wear down over time.

Flush Out Your Water Lines

After checking your water heater, you will want to flush out all of your lines. Simply open each faucet in your home one at a time for around 30 seconds. To flush out the entire system, do this with each faucet. Then, turn on your hot water tap and let the water run for 30 seconds before turning on the cold tap and doing the same thing.

Call a Plumber to Investigate

If none of these steps help, it’s time to call a professional plumber to investigate further. There could be many reasons why there is rusty water in your faucets, such as corrosion of the pipes in your plumbing system, rusty/old water tanks, and old plumbing fixtures. It could even be an issue with the municipal water supply itself. 

Whatever the issue is, our team at Sacramento Repipe & Plumbing will be able to diagnose and fix it for you quickly and efficiently! Don’t let rusty water ruin your entire day. If you call us, our technicians can come out and look at your issue quickly. Don’t wait for your water quality to worsen; give us a call today!

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