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Water Heater Replacement and Installation Country Club, CA

Just like your other home appliances, your water heater also needs regular maintenance. Maintenance by a tankless water heater replacement and installation Roseville, CA specialist is considered an investment for you as a homeowner. It is fairly easy and simple. A little time spent will reward you with years of worry-free hot water in the years to come.

First, check out the user’s manual for guidance and warnings before you attempt to service the heater all by yourself.

If there is no manual, you could get one by writing or calling the manufacturer or request online.

The regularity of servicing depends on a number of things, such as the type and age of the unit, the hardness of the water, and whether you have a water softening system. In general, you can check out your heater once a year. Below are things you can do yourself, but if you are hesitant about doing these steps, you can contact a tankless water heater replacement and installation Roseville, CA professional to help you.

1. The temperature and relief valve is very necessary for the safety of the heater. Raise the part of your leaver upwards to test the temperature halfway and release it. If it is in good working order, it will return to its position. Listen to the sound of running water and see if it is draining either to the outside or the floor drain.

2. For electric water heaters, the electricity should be shut off before draining so it does not burn out. Remove debris and dirt and examine the top of the water heater to ensure that the exhaust flue is secure. Ideally, gas water heaters are installed 18 inches above the ground, making sure no flammable materials are present within the area.

3. Flush out the hot water tank every now and then to remove any fragments that settled to the tank bottom. You can do a minimal flush by using a bucket and placing it under the drain valve. Drain off a bucket of water and close the valve or drain more than one bucket if you want to ensure of getting any potential debris inside.

4. Set the water heater temperature. You can find the temperature-setting valve on the lower part of the water heater or at the back depending on the kind of water heater that you have. When you begin to check the water temperature, check out the temperature dial, if it registers over 120 degrees, most probably it is too high. Save more energy by turning the dial back to 120 degrees. Additionally, you can also protect your water heater from burning out fast.

These few simple steps should ensure that your water heater is in good working order. Nevertheless, always consult a professional tankless water heater replacement and installation Roseville, CA service if you are in doubt.

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