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PEX, also known as crosslinked polyethylene is new option repiping experts use for home or business plumbing. It is known to be a durable, versatile and high-density plastic piping that has a lot of advantages over other materials. This is why many plumbers and repiping specialists opt for it because it is a quicker and more efficient way to replace old pipes.

Using PEX to repipe your home requires fewer fittings and couplers. The material also comes on a spool meaning longer pieces of pipe can be installed at a go. The material can also bend 90 degrees without needing any elbow joints.

Whether you are choosing to undertake a commercial PEX repiping Sacramento or a residential PEX repiping Sacramento, using PEX has a lot of long-term benefits for your property. Many home owners will agree that when pipes start to fail and leak, it does so without any warning. And while the common solution is to repair or replace the pipes causing the most trouble, doing a full repipe of the property will save you money and time in the long run.

Here are some advantages of using PEX:

  • It does not corrode
  • It resists chlorine and scale
  • It reduces water noise
  • It does not transfer heat making it more energy efficient
  • It will not develop pinhole leaks.

Is There a Good Time To Repipe My Property?

Odds are, you would get different answers from different professionals. However, what everyone agrees on is that the best time to opt for a full repipe of your property is when old metal like galvanized iron or poly piping is evident in your current piping. These materials are a lot more susceptible to leaks and could also contaminate the water you drink. Galvanized pipes could also leak lead into water which is very harmful to the body. A great way to know the type of piping your home has is to take in the period your home was constructed into account.

Repiping your property can either be a corrective or a proactive move. As a proactive move, you will be preventing leaks, bursts or contaminated water. And as a corrective move, you could be seeking to restore an earlier water pressure. By repiping your property, you are solving any of the following issues:

  • Leaks
  • Temperature fluctuation
  • Low water pressure

PEX has numerous benefits. We highlighted its flexibility earlier which makes it possible to be coiled before shipping. Because of this, you can afford to buy more pipes at a reduced cost. Every coil has pipes that can be bent to 90 degrees with supports on the bend. This alone saves a lot of time and money and removes any joint leaks risks.

PEX is also resistant to scaling, corrosion and freezing. It does not allow heat transfer, can be laid without any welding and it can be connected in almost any way you can think of. All of these make Sacramento home repiping with PEX one of the preferred options to most owners.

How Does PEX Stand Up Against Copper?

Although it Is one of the favorite options, PEX is not the only material used to make pipes. Copper pipping is also a known and equally popular option for repiping in properties. And depending on who you ask, you could get varying answers on which is better. We are going to explore the differences between the two and help you make a decision.

PEX pipe is made from polyethylene which is a very flexible material. This makes it easy to bend and it fits perfectly in those tricky areas in your home. This is what makes them a preferred option over their contemporaries. They also come in a wide variety of sizes from the ¼-inch all the way to the 4-inch.

On the other hand, copper piping has been around for few decades. It has been known to last for years and it requires very little to no maintenance. However, these pipes are not flexible and installation within those tight spaces could be tricky. This is the major difference between both materials.

Pros of Using PEX Over Copper Pipes

  • PEX works with water of all temperatures (extremely hot and cold water)
  • PEX piping uses fewer joints hence reducing the cost of the repiping project
  • In regions with very cold weathers, PEX is less likely to crack or break
  • PEX piping usually features a shut-off valve that is located at the supply lines. This helps a lot when repairs are needed.
  • PEX piping weighs less than copper pipes and they can be ordered in bulk because of the spools they are stored on.
  • Because of how flexible they are, PEX piping does not require elbow fittings.
  • PEX pipes are safer to install for plumbers because they do not require a torch before connections can be made.
  • PEX piping is a lot more efficient to storing heat compared to copper.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about PEX repiping in Sacramento. Everything ranging from pex repipe cost in sacramento, benefits of PEX piping and so on. At Sacramento Repipe, we are available to repipe your property at a moment’s notice with no hidden costs and the highest standard of professionalism. Give us a call today!

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