Having to fix a water heater might be an intimidating prospect. How much does it cost? Just how long will this take?

Minor issues are often overlooked but can save money if fixed quickly. If a problem is set aside, it will likely worsen until it either quits operating entirely or costs more to fix.

Therefore, how much will it cost to fix a water heater? The precise amount varies and depends on different factors.

Price Of Water Heater Servicing

The average cost to replace a water heater is roughly $1700, ranging from $1300 to $5,500. In other circumstances, the precise portion of your electric water heater repair project that needs attention will be its cost. Fixing a water heater typically costs around $506. Depending on certain variables, the price of water heater maintenance might be anywhere from $75 to $300 or more.

Common Problems Of Water Heaters

Nature’s problem being fixed is a significant consideration in estimating the cost of the necessary fixes. Various issues with a water heater might vary greatly in price. Some of the most frequent problems experienced by homeowners relating to water heaters are as follows:

Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure release valve maintains a safe pressure level in the water tank. If the valve leaks regularly, it may be due to high tank pressure or a faulty or obstructed valve. A new pressure relief valve costs $20, with repairs costing $200.

Dip Tube

The dip tube is a pipe that transports cold water to the tank’s base for heating. Rusted, clogged, or leaky dip tubes reduce water heating efficiency. A replacement dip tube costs $10, but a professional repair might cost $150.

Anode Rod

Your tank’s anode rod prevents rust and corrosion. The anode rod corrodes first, safeguarding the water tank and heating element. After the rod rusts, the water heater will degrade. Anode rod maintenance might cost you $20 to $50 every five years.


The unit’s thermostat might malfunction at some point. It usually runs between $150 and $200 to fix or replace one. Two thermostats are standard on most heaters. The efficiency with which water is heated will decrease if one thermostat fails.

Cost Factor For Water Heater Repair

Below, we’ll check the factors you may pay for water heater repair.

  • Items in the plumber’s inspection list
  • One-time service vs. once-a-year checkups
  • An evaluation of the plumber’s overall competence
  • Cost of labor per hour

Owners can’t operate without a water heater that works properly. The loss of hot water may have a devastating impact on your daily life. Getting the water heater checked or repaired as soon as possible is critical.

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