You have a slab leak if your home’s pipes are damaged beneath the concrete slab. The effects of these cracks may, at first, appear minor. You risk significant damage if you do nothing to stop them. Repairing a slab leak may be irritating, time-consuming, and expensive due to the lack of simple access to the underlying plumbing. In addition, the expenses of repairs may not be covered by your insurance policy.

However, repairing a slab leak is not a job you can undertake alone. Since the state of your house is in danger, you should choose only the best professionals. Find out how long it often takes to remedy slab leaks here, so you can better understand what you’re up against. So that you aren’t caught off guard, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most prevalent causes of slab leaks and the symptoms of slab leaks.

Why Does A Slab Develop A Leak?

A variety of circumstances can cause sewer leaks under the slab. Most importantly, your home’s poor structure might be a significant problem. There will be issues shortly if the pipes are of poor quality or damaged during installation, such as bent or dented. Some piping is constructed of copper, which erodes quickly. Therefore, replacing the pipes may be necessary rather than only repairing them.

When Fixing A Slab Leak, How Long Does It Typically Take?

What determines how long repairs take is how extensive they are. For instance, it will take less time if the contractor opts to cover the pipes instead of opening the foundation.

In any case, professionals estimate that fixing a slab leak will take 1-3 days. How long it takes to complete will depend on the last touches, such as paint and flooring

Three Methods To Repair A Slab Leak

Open Foundation

Opening the foundation would involve:

  • Breaking the foundation open.
  • Excavating through the entire slab.
  • Installing a new pipe in place of the damaged one.

Foam Method

The second method for repairing slab leaks involves putting a particular foam into the damaged pipe to seal it. In this manner, water can no longer rise to the surface since it cannot exit the line and go back to the ground.


Re-piping happens when experienced plumbers replace all of the pipes in a building’s plumbing system with brand-new ones. This is typically done in older homes that have frequent slab leaks.

In an effort to save money, we frequently try to handle minor home repairs on our own. But a slab leak is not something you can fix on your own. The leak is challenging to detect, so any do-it-yourself attempts will probably do additional harm. So, if you notice any symptoms, you should get in touch with a professional right away.

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