You probably have one primary question in mind if installing a new boiler: how long will it take? We wish that by providing you with an idea of the typical durations involved in various boiler installation circumstances, this guide will help you better plan your schedule.

How Long Will It Take?

New boiler installations typically take between 3 to 5 days to complete; however, this time frame might increase with more project complexity. The survey appointment, which will take place before the installation, should also be scheduled. In this consultation, a surveyor will ask you questions about your house, and heating needs to aid in determining which boiler would be best for you.

Standard Boiler Service Lifespan

To what extent do you expect your boiler to function? Your boiler’s lifespan is limited, much as that of a brand-new water heater. However, a boiler may last about fifteen years with proper maintenance.

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

While averages might be informative, not all systems are created equal. It’s a bit of a gamble when you’re not the first person to live in the house. So, how would you know when it’s time to replace it?

Boiler Age

Say your boiler hasn’t given you any significant issues. Replace it? Maybe. Today’s boilers are more efficient than those designed a decade ago. High-efficiency boilers and smart thermostats can help you save money.

Rising Utilities

Unmaintained boilers lose efficiency. It may still heat your house, but it has to work longer and harder, so you pay more for gas or electricity.

Continual Repair

Time and usage wear down mechanical things, including boilers. Maintenance can’t stop every problem. If boiler repairs become more frequent or expensive, then a replacement will be more cost-effective. 

Your Home Changes

Signs aren’t always evident; Your house may heat slowly, and indoor air quality may alter. Your boiler’s flame may be orange instead of blue or have an odd scent.

Common Standard Fixtures In Most Houses

  • 4–6 hours for a straight boiler swap
  • 1-2 days to install a brand-new combi boiler
  • 2–3 days to change the type of fuel
  • 2–3 days to change the type of boiler
  • 3 – 4 days to relocate a boiler and change its type

While our guide makes it simple to choose the ideal replacement boiler for your home, installation times might vary widely. For this reason, the above durations should be considered approximations at best.

Straight Swaps Are Not Always Attainable

Remember that not all boilers, cylinders, and tanks are created equal and that the central heating piping may be too thin or too big for a specific boiler to handle when contemplating a direct exchange. If your boiler reaches the end of its useful life, other parts of the system are likely, too, meaning more person-hours and a longer installation time to replace everything.
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