If you want to avoid having to pay for pricey repairs and dealing with plumbing crises, it’s critical to keep your drains and pipes in good working order. Here are four things you can be doing in the shower that are bad for your pipes.

1.Ignoring Drain Guards

If you wash your hair in the shower, you don’t have to stop, but you should use a drain guard. Did you know that you might lose up to 100 strands of hair per day? While this hair will come out throughout the day, a big amount of it will fall out during the shampoo process when you rough up your hair. If your partner washes their hair every day, you could have hundreds of strands of hair in your drain by the end of the week. The water will soon back up, and shower time will seem more like bath time. To prevent this problem, drain guards are placed over the opening of the drain and prevent hair and other items from falling down.

2.Using of Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you’re thinking, “Why not use a chemical drain cleaner to clear the clog?” Then you should definitely read this section attentively. Chemical drain cleaners are not only harmful to the environment, but they can also damage your plumbing system. Cleaners sold in stores are quite acidic and toxic. They will eat away at whatever is obstructing your drain while also coating the inside lining of your pipe. It will weaken and corrode your pipes if it is not thoroughly rinsed away (which can be difficult). Not to mention that inhaling or getting these substances on your skin is exceedingly harmful.

3.Hair in the Sink

Hair in the drain may appear to be an unavoidable part of life, but it can cause major harm to your plumbing system. You may notice only a few hairs going down the drain at a time, but this adds up over time to create a large amount of hair. The collected hair burrows into the pipes like a bird’s nest, preventing water from passing through. Hair clogs put a lot of strain on pipes and can cause a bad (and costly) pipe rupture. Use a drain cover to prevent hair from going down the drain and causing problems later.

4.Selecting Antibacterial Soaps

Antibacterial soaps are regarded to have the most effective cleaning power. These soaps, however, are too clean if your home has a septic system. Balance is essential in septic tanks. All septic tanks include beneficial bacteria to keep the tank from overflowing. As large waste products settle in the tank, helpful bacteria destroy them, causing the tank to deteriorate over time. The bacteria-fighting compounds in the soap aren’t sophisticated enough to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, so they’ll destroy the bacteria in the tank that keeps your system healthy. To get clean without harming your septic system, use ordinary soap.

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